Corporate law firm in Spain

Legal advice on spanish company law

Lerroux develops a large range of work concerning Spanish company law, which includes constitutions, mergers, takeovers, acquisitions, dissolutions and their fiscal outcomes.

Our professionals have extensive experience in civil procedural law and in particular we specialized in claims for sums of money and collection management, contractual and non-contractual civil liability and judicial proceedings.

Lerroux’s advice also extends to restrictive practices of competition and unfair competition. Distribution and Agency Contracts.

We act as General Attorneys and Secretary of the Board of Directors of different companies.

An approach to this issue, our professional experience prove us what important and essential are the confidentiality and the privacy for the family businesses when a relationship between the members is given.

We consider extremely necessary the adequate management and the right separation of the family heritage and a meticulous work in the succession structure when this is in process.

Our services includes, among many other things:

  • Incorporation of new companies

  • In-depth review of the contracts

  • The defense of the partner

  • Amendments to the articles of association

  • Dissolutions and liquidations

  • Commercial register advice on family businesses.

  • Allegations and resources in administrative penalty procedures.

  • Complaints against public administration.

  • Compulsory expropriation.

  • Antitrust (in close collaboration with our team of mercantilists)

  • Proceedings before the Competition Court and before the ordinary Courts.

  • Competition and advertising law.

  • Consumers and users.

  • Family protocols.

  • Painstaking work in the succession structure.

  • Searching for the efficiency between the relations of the partners, managers, proper functioning of the corporate governance, etc.

  • Judicial proceedings resulting from the obligations and the commercial operations.

  • National and international arbitration. Enforcement of domestic and foreign awards.

  • Competition and advertising law (restrictive agreements collusive arrangements, abuse of a dominant position and control concentrations.)

  • Corporate litigation (corporations and cooperative) challenging of resolutions, responsibility of the administrators and liquidators.

  • Actions relating to the general contracting conditions.

  • Insolvency law / bankruptcy law