The Tria Iuris Praecepta, decisive contribution, still in force, from our dear Roman Law to our western civilization, conduct the professional and human activity of our law firm.
Our love for the well-done work is the principle on which all our actions are based. The loyalty and confidence provided by our clients is the cornerstone which encourages us to maintain the highest quality in our service, combined with a personalized advice, and a comprehensive, direct and effective development.

“Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere et suum quique tribuere”.

We consider prevention and a scrupulous observance of law as the best way to prevent conflicts. Therefore, a constant and open dialogue is encouraged in a daily dealing with our clients, in order to fully know their objectives and needs; and thus, from a global point of view, perfectly integrated in the process with our clients, we are able to guarantee the best help.
We sustain and cultivate a close and special relationship with our fraternal Latin American countries and attempt to foster exchange with all of them. We have leading correspondents around the world, which allows us to provide our clients a comprehensive legal advice in those areas of their interest.