Last November 16th, we were present at the Food&Beverage Law&IP Summit in London, where we had the opportunity to share an interesting conferences day with leading professionals in the food sector in relation to intellectual property. We were able to get a closer look at the problems affecting the food industry from a regulatory perspective, especially with regard to product labelling and ways of protecting products in a changing environment (and the debate on the consequences of Brexit played a major role in this respect). We also had the opportunity to speak in a relaxed manner with both members of regulatory bodies and numerous IP lawyers, sharing points of common interest in the sector.

In addition, the professional of Lerroux Rodrigo Manzanares participated in one of the panel discussions that took place during the day, along with two long-standing professionals from the firms Gowling and Finnegan. In the presentation, which dealt with aspects and controversies of geographical names, geographical indications and designations of origin, we focused our analysis on the possibilities of protection that exist over the previous formulas in Spain and the European Union, with special attention to the existing substantive and formal differences between the protection conferred by collective and guarantee/certification trademarks on the one hand, and that granted by the registration of protected geographical indications and protected designation of origin, on the other.

The day ended with the tasting of foods created by 3D printers, a new experience that shows how the importance of 3D technology   is exponentially growing.

Lerroux is once again at the forefront in order to offer our customers precise and quality advice.