The origin of our firm dates back to the twenties, when Mr. Alejandro Lerroux García, (born in La Rambla, Córdoba, March 4, 1864 – Madrid, June 27, 1949) began his lawyer career. Mr. Alejandro Lerroux, lawyer, and Spanish politician, acted as Prime Minister and also as Minister, in different departments, between 1931 and 1935, and is considered as one of the most prominent Spanish politicians since 1901 until 1935. He even presided the Board of the Societe des Nations, base of the United Nations

Later, his grandnephew, Mr. Aurelio Fernández Lerroux (born in Madrid, May 8, 1936 – Madrid, Abril 28, 2009) managed partner of our firm, took over control of the firm since 1969 up today, and has kept the traditional principles together with innovation and high dynamism.
The firm, from its foundation, has extended to new practice areas, including international trade, industrial and intellectual property and foreign investments.