AB Fashion

For the fourth consecutive year AB Fashion 2017 has opened its doors to international fashion. Last weekend, on 20 and 21 October, the main fashion event in Castilla-La Mancha was held at the Convention Center City of Albacete AB Fashion 2017. Designer Lola Muñoz is in charge of organizing this event.

Designers of the stature of Juan Vidal, Gilles Ricart, The 2nd Skin Co., Maya Hansen, Miguel Marinero, Ulises Mérida, Leyre Valiente, Beatriz Peñalver, Juan Carlos Pajares have participated.

The event has also provided an opportunity to discover the collections of emerging designers, with a record number of participants in its “New Talens” competition, which has finally won the Baro Lucas award, with its N. E. O. collection.

Lerroux has had the opportunity to accompany the new generations of Castilla-La Mancha fashion with the fabulous news that has advanced the spokesman of the regional executive government Mr. Hernando, which the Government of Castilla-La Mancha will approve next November the order of bases for a call for aid, endowed with 400,000 euros, for the participation of region fashion companies in international fairs.

Nacho Hernando has pointed out “to demonstrate to all the countries of the world, in all the fairs that there are, that here in Castilla-La Mancha we are also at the forefront without losing a bit of tradition and thus demonstrate how proud we are of them in other countries”.

It is undoubtedly great news and it encourages us to increase our support, strengthening the Fashionlaw service, to advise all designers who, throughout the national geography, decide to make the leap to more globalized markets.

Castilla-La Mancha continues to advance towards the fashion of the future ¡¡¡ Congratulations to all the participants ¡¡¡

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